How The Bats Are Made



Select the Cleft

Carefully select the individual cleft of willow that’s perfect for the order

Shape to Size

Trim the raw cleft to size, sand the face of the bat and mark which end the handle will go

Press to Perfection

Individually press the cleft of willow to perfection to maximise the performance of the bat

Attach the Handle

Cut the splice out of the blade and precisely match the handle to fit into the blade which is attached with strong wood glue

Shape the Cleft

A traditional draw knife is used to shape the cleft down to a rough shape

Finish the Shaping

The bat shape is then finished by using a traditional spokeshave to shape the shoulders, concaving is created with a drum sander and a flat bottom plane to flatten the edges.

Sand the Bat

When the shaping of the cricket bat is complete, it is then sanded with different grades of sandpaper and then polished to seal the bat with a lovely, shiny finish of bat wax.

Finish the Bat

Using a rasp, the handle is then shaped to the customers specifications – then the bat is put on a lathe and twine is applied to the top quality handle to add stability by binding the handle.

Stickers are then applied once the bat has been polished, then a scuff sheet and toe guard can be applied.