Cricket Bat Repairs

Get your bat fixed today!

Full Bat Service

  • Sand & Repolish
  • Re-Label
  • New Scuff Sheet & Toe Guard


  • Complete replacement of handle
  • New Grip
  • New Binding
  • Any bat/brand handle can be re-handled.

Ready to Play Service

  • Knocking In
  • Toe Guard Applied
  • Scuff Sheet Applied

Weight Reduction

  • Reduce weight to desired preference
  • Re-balance
  • Sand and Polish

General Repair

  • Shoulder Crack
  • Toe Crack
  • Edge Crack
  • General Repair
  • Price on Request

Frequently asked questions

How long is it going to take?

We hope to repair your bat within 48 hours, however each repair is different and may require further time. Contact us if you have any queries.

What make/model can I repair?

We can repair any make or model of bat.

How will long with the repair last?

The bat can be repaired, no matter what the damage is – however we cannot guarantee how long the bat will last for after repair.

How does it work?

Please contact us with information about the bat and the repair required – then we’ll be able to talk you through the best practice. Which then we’ll ask you to send the bat to us and then then once it’s done, we’ll send the bat back to you.

Can I drop my bat off to be repaired?

Yes, please contact us via email or phone to arrange an appointment.

Is my bat beyond repair?

If you’re worried that your bat may be beyond repair, please email us images of your bat and the damage, then we’ll be able to get back to you about any action that’s required.

Get your bat repaired today!